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Garage Floor Epoxy

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Epoxy Flooring Naperville is here to provide you with quality garage floor epoxy to fit any budget! Epoxy flooring is an amazing option for garage floors because of its strength and durability. There are many options to choose from with garage floor epoxy that can make your space personal to you whether you use your garage as a workspace or as storage for your prized vehicle. Our team of professionals is here for you every step of the way from the initial consultation through to the last day of installation. Garage floor epoxy has many benefits such as impact resistance, strength, durability, and more that make it the perfect flooring solution for your garage.

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    Epoxy Flooring Naperville

    Garage Floor Epoxy Options

    Standard Epoxy Flooring
    Garage Floor Epoxy

    There are many options for the perfect garage epoxy flooring that can bring your personal taste to your garage. With standard epoxy flooring, you have the option for solid colors, geometric patterns, and different levels of sheen. Standard epoxy comes in a variety of colors whether you choose a solid color or multiple colors with a geometric pattern. This flooring solution can be used to mimic the look of tile offering more strength and durability than the traditional tile floor. You can also use this epoxy style to create different designated areas for your garage like parking spaces or work areas. After choosing your desired color or patterned design, you can finish with your preferred level of sheen from a high-quality shine to a matte finish.

    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Metallic Epoxy Flooring
    Metallic epoxy flooring solutions are perfect for garages that want more of that showroom quality shine and aesthetic. This flooring has a pearl-like luster that will never dull and will never require the use of waxes to keep up its shine. Metallic epoxy flooring has many options to choose from and is completely personal to you! The installation process of metallic epoxy prevents its design from being replicated which is an attractive selling point for this floor. You can choose different colors for a design that mimics the look of marble or choose to make your floor look like a page out of a nature magazine! Despite its incredible beauty, metallic epoxy has other great benefits including its impact resistance, durability, and stain resistance.
    Garage Floor Epoxy
    Decorative Flake Epoxy Flooring
    Decorative flake epoxy floors are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to convert their garage into a workshop or just give their garage an added touch of safety. This flooring is known for its decorative flakes that create a more slip-resistant surface in turn creating a safer work environment. There are many options to choose from decorative flake epoxy from the color of the base epoxy, the color of the acrylic flakes, and the size of the acrylic flakes. Despite the mild texture from the flakes in this flooring, decorative flake epoxy is still easily maintained and repels dirt and dust the same. This flooring solution is stain-resistant, impact-resistant, and gives added slip resistance making it a great choice for garage floor epoxy.
    Epoxy Flooring Naperville

    The Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy

    What makes epoxy flooring the perfect choice for your garage floor
    There are many benefits of garage floor epoxy making it a perfect addition to your garage!
    • Beauty: Epoxy flooring comes in a wide variety of colors and styles that each have its own unique beauty to bring to the table. Whether you choose standard, metallic, or decorative flake epoxy, you are guaranteed to have a floor that will turn heads because of how great it looks.
    • Strength & Durability: Garage floor epoxy is a top choice for your garage because of its strength and durability. This flooring is impact-resistant, stain-resistant, and will last for 20 years or more with proper care and maintenance.
    • Cost Efficiency: This flooring option is one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions on the market. Compared to other flooring solutions, epoxy has a lower cost per square foot and will last you longer making it a great investment as well. With garage floor epoxy you can also see an increase in your property value!
    • Easy Maintenence: Epoxy flooring systems are incredibly easy to maintain. You never have to worry about paying for outrageously priced specialty cleaners to keep these floors looking their best! A simple dust mop or broom can clean these floors quickly and although mopping isn’t necessary it is an option to do with a pH-balanced cleanser.
    • Safety: Epoxy flooring has many different safety features that make it perfect for your garage floor! Epoxy has a high reflectivity making it easy to see spills and trip hazards. This flooring also offers slip resistance whether it is from additives or from acrylic flakes.
    Epoxy Flooring Naperville

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    Garage Floor Epoxy

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