GO Green With

Epoxy Flooring

There are many different benefits of epoxy flooring that make it a great flooring solution for many areas including residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Other than beauty and many ways of personalization, this flooring is a great solution for anyone looking for strong and durable flooring that is eco-friendly. Being environmentally friendly is important when it comes to flooring because you don’t want to end up sending extra flooring to landfills and increasing your carbon footprint. Having environmentally friendly flooring is important and there are many ways that an epoxy flooring solution is best for the environment.

Installation Process

Epoxy floorings installation is the main factor in how this flooring solution is great for the environment. WIth other floorings such as tile and hardwood, there is extra flooring that will be sent off to fill landfills that can contribute to harming the environment. Epoxy installation is carefully measured so no product is wasted and there is nothing to throw out making it the better flooring solution. This flooring installation is also great for utilizing the existing flooring. As long as the flooring is structurally sound, the installation can be over the existing flooring, even hardwood!


The durability of epoxy is great for the environment because it is virtually indestructible once cured. This flooring is resistant to chemicals and staining but also chipping and erosion which can prevent harmful substances from turning into pollution. This seamless surface protects the substrate and prevents waste from occurring in this flooring installation and while you have it. Lasting for 20 years or more, epoxy flooring is a durable solution that is environmentally friendly!

Less Need for Lighting

Epoxy flooring has a high-quality shine that is a highly reflective surface. Lighting solutions needed to keep a bright area with other floorings lead to increased energy use which can also lead to higher energy costs as well. Other than the cost of this lighting, having a higher energy use isn’t good environmentally. The reflectiveness of this flooring creates an environment that doesn’t need costly lighting to brighten the area by reflecting the existing light.

Less Need For Chemical Cleaners

Epoxy flooring is a durable surface that is resistant to stains. When you have flooring that is resistant to staining, it won’t require harsh chemicals to cleans spots and stains., This flooring has a simple maintenance schedule that keeps it looking great and safe for the environment. A simple dust mop or broom is perfect for cleaning dry spills off this seamless surface. If a wet spill happens a simple mop and water can be used to clean this spill up or even a solution of white vinegar and water for an extra clean surface.

Chemical Resistance

Epoxy flooring solutions are a seamless installation that can be helpful in preventing harmful chemicals from penetrating deeper surfaces. Concrete alone is a very porous surface that when spills are present seeps down deep into the earth’s surface which can cause pollutive properties. If oil spills on concrete it will seep into this surface into the under layers of the concrete which will eventually lead to the earth’s surface. However, epoxy flooring is a seamless surface that repels spills preventing them from entering the earth’s surface. If you are looking for a truly environmentally flooring solution then epoxy is for you!